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 Winterise Your Wheels: Essential Tips for Tourer Caravans in Chilly Seasons

Winterise Your Wheels: Essential Tips for Tourer Caravans in Chilly Seasons

As the mercury drops and landscapes transform under a blanket of frost, the charm of winter touring beckons the adventurous soul. Yet, the plummeting temperatures pose unique challenges to those who travel by tourer, caravan, or motorhome. Preparing your mobile abode for the colder months is not just about comfort; it’s about ensuring your caravan withstands the rigours of cold weather without any damage. From how to drain down a touring caravan to selecting the right tourer caravan insurance, this comprehensive guide provides you with all the necessary advice to enjoy winter in your caravan securely and cosily. 

Safeguard your Winter Adventures

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Touring caravan insurance ensures you’re covered against potential risks while on the road, offering protection for your vehicle, belongings, and liability. The potential for bad weather, harsh road conditions, and increased risk of battery power shortage make the right touring caravan insurance policy all the more important during the winter months. 

Remember, should you decide to store your caravan in between winter adventures, it’s important to check if the security devices used (such as hitch locks and wheel clamps) conform with the stipulations required by your touring caravan insurance policy.

Insulation and Heating: Keeping the Cold at Bay

Master the Art of Draining Down

Understanding how to drain down a touring caravan is pivotal. Water left in pipes can freeze, leading to bursts and costly damages. To prevent this, fully drain your water system, including the boiler, heating system, fresh and waste water tanks, mixer taps, and shower. It’s crucial to remove all water to avoid ice damage. Don’t forget to bypass your water heater to avoid damage, ensuring the longevity of your system through the winter months.

Winter Touring and Your Heating System

Ensure your caravan’s heating system is in top condition. Whether you rely on electric heaters, a gas furnace, or a combination, it’s a good idea to have it serviced before winter. Consider additional portable heaters for those braving the snow, but be cautious of the power they draw from your leisure batteries. A balanced approach ensures warmth without draining your battery power.

Insulate Windows and Doors

Effective insulation keeps the warmth in and the cold out. Use thermal curtains or blinds on windows and ensure door seals are intact. Draft excluders can be placed under doors for extra protection against the chill. This simple yet effective measure can significantly enhance the cosy feel of your caravan interior, making it a warm haven against the winter cold.

Battery and Power Management

Keep Your Batteries Fully Charged

Cold weather can be especially harsh on batteries, diminishing their charge capacity and lifespan. Ensure your leisure batteries are fully charged, and consider investing in a battery maintainer to keep them in optimal condition throughout the winter. This step is crucial for maintaining power to your heating system and ensuring your mobile phone stays charged for emergencies. Regular checks are advisable to monitor battery health and prevent unexpected power failures during critical times.

Alternative Power Sources

For those planning extended stays or winter touring, having alternative power sources like solar panels or a portable generator can be invaluable. These provide an additional power source for your caravan’s electrical needs, ensuring continuous power supply even in remote locations. Solar panels are particularly useful for maintaining charge levels in leisure batteries, while generators can offer a quick and powerful energy boost during prolonged periods of cloud cover or heavy snowfall.

Water Systems and Plumbing

Protect Your Water Heater and Tanks

With the water system drained, it’s vital to safeguard your water heater and tanks from the harsh reality of freezing temperatures. Utilising antifreeze solutions in waste tanks can offer an added layer of protection. Still, ensuring these solutions are caravan-safe is paramount to avoid any corrosive damage to your system. Additionally, consider adding a non-toxic antifreeze to the water system to prevent any remaining water from freezing, keeping your pipes secure throughout winter.

Insulated Covers for External Tanks

If your caravan uses external water tanks, insulated covers become indispensable to prevent the contents from freezing. This precaution is necessary for fresh and waste water tanks, ensuring a steady water supply and a functioning waste system even in the coldest weather. Proper insulation of these tanks can significantly reduce the risk of freezing, ensuring the availability of water and safeguarding against potential damage from expansion that can lead to leaks or breaks.

Tyres and Traction

Check Your tyres

Before embarking on a winter journey, it’s critical to inspect your tyres for wear and ensure they have adequate tread depth to navigate slippery roads safely. This inspection is a safety measure and a necessary step to enhance traction and stability in snowy or icy conditions. If you plan to tour in areas prone to heavy snowfall, consider investing in snow chains. These can provide essential grip on snow-covered roads, significantly improving safety and reducing the risk of accidents. Snow chains should be considered an indispensable part of your winter travel kit, ensuring peace of mind during cold-weather adventures.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Kit

Clearing snow path with a shovel

Always carry an emergency kit, including essentials like a fully charged mobile phone, spare batteries, torches, a comprehensive first aid kit, and a warm sleeping bag or blankets for unexpected cold snaps. Snow shovels and grit can be invaluable for clearing snow around your caravan, ensuring you’re prepared for snowfall at any time. It’s also wise to include water and non-perishable food supplies to use if you’re stranded, adding an extra layer of security and peace of mind during your winter travels.

Stay Informed

Keeping a vigilant eye on weather forecasts and road conditions is crucial for safe winter caravanning. It may be best to postpone your travels in severe weather to ensure safety. Always inform someone of your travel plans, route, and expected arrival time. This step is critical for emergencies, as it ensures that others know your location and can assist if you do not arrive as planned. Additionally, consider subscribing to alerts for real-time weather and road conditions updates in your intended travel area.

Enjoying Winter in Your Caravan

Cosy Interiors

Embrace the season by making your caravan interior as cosy as possible. Thick rugs, blankets, and a quality sleeping bag can make cold nights much more comfortable. Add soft lighting like fairy lights or lanterns to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A portable heater can also add warmth, ensuring your space remains snug. Consider a hot water bottle for extra warmth in bed, blending practicality with the nostalgic comfort of simpler times.

Outdoor Adventures

Winter landscapes offer unique outdoor activities, from snowshoeing to tranquil walks in the frosty air. Dress appropriately in layers to stay warm and dry and enjoy the beauty of winter safely. Investing in good-quality winter gear, like waterproof boots and thermal clothing, will enhance your experience. Remember to bring a camera to capture the stunning winter scenery and always have a reliable means of communication in case of emergencies.


Preparing your tourer caravan for the cold season requires attention to detail, from draining down your water system to ensuring your heating system is up to the task. Follow these top tips, and ensure you’re fully covered by comprehensive touring caravan insurance so that you can enjoy the winter season safely and comfortably. Experience the tranquillity of nature with fewer crowds, and embrace the slower pace of winter without the worry of potential extra risks disrupting your relaxation. So, don’t forget to winterise your wheels and set off on your chilly season adventures with confidence and peace of mind.