Why You Need Motorhome Breakdown Cover for a Vacation

Why You Need Motorhome Breakdown Cover for a Vacation

A tour of gorgeous UK scenery is something that many people do during their vacation periods every year. The sights you can see in the UK are a mix of greenery and the coast, with a few valleys in between. Sightseeing and just breezing past the breathtaking views with a car isn’t exactly fun, and motorcycle rides are not for everyone. So what is the next best thing?

Motorhomes and campervans are some of the best options to take a week off to soak up all of what the United Kingdom has to offer. You can stop in a variety of cities and towns, stay by the coast and soak up the sun, and take your time with utmost comfort. While this is the most fun you can have in terms of touring the UK, you will be making a massive mistake without preparing for it properly.

Preparing for Your Motorhome Tour of the UK

While the usual camping items and sanitary materials are a given, there is often something that many campervan users forget to pack as part and parcel of their trip. Running into any issues, whether they are mechanical or accidents that can cause any damage to your campervan will set you back and cause stress. You’re on vacation; you want a seamless experience overall, right?

This uncertainty is why you will need a motorhome breakdown cover to support your trip. While the chances of getting into issues can be slim for newer motorhomes, they are never zero. Remember that it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

What Motorhome and Campervan Breakdown Cover Can Do

If you’ve seen Hollywood movies wherein a campervan breaks down in the middle of nowhere, then you know that breakdown cover is a must-have. This service is like an insurance policy that assists with roadside service or recovery. In the event of breaking down in the middle of your trip, you will need assistance to repair these large camping vehicles. 

With the costs you pay for coverage, this means you won’t be shelling out a single cent when it comes to repairs or assistance in towing your vehicle to the nearest garage. These are expensive to do, and knowing your policy will cover the costs will give you peace of mind that is priceless.

Additionally, in the event (knock on wood!) that you run into a mechanical problem, and resolving it takes a whole night, you will need a place to stay. Campervan breakdown cover can help with giving you options as to where to stay for the night or a few nights while you wait for the vehicle to be repaired. 

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Breakdown Cover Plan

A significant factor that will determine what plan to choose for the breakdown cover of a motorhome will be how often it will be used. An annual trip may do well with single trip policies that cover the period of your holiday. If you are quite the travel bug and use your motorhome more often than twice a year, an annual coverage plan may be more cost-effective for the lifestyle. 

Additionally, consider the size and weight of your campervan, as different policies have a set size and value before you need to start viewing the next tier of coverage. You can pick and choose based on a set number of criteria, so ask your local insurance agent about motorhome breakdown cover plans. Getting their advice will help you figure out what suits your case best. 


It would be a bad experience to be stranded due to a mechanical failure and not have the money to pay for the repairs and continue the rest of your trip. Motorhomes are still vehicles and will benefit significantly from security by purchasing insurance. Don’t leave your home unprepared, especially during a vacation!

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