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 Why You Need General Touring Caravan Insurance

Why You Need General Touring Caravan Insurance

There’s nothing like traipsing the English countryside in your caravan, free of accommodation fees and luggage. However, travelling without insurance can become costly in case of unforeseen circumstances. Despite built-in third-party coverage, you’ll need to take out speciality general touring caravan insurance to save you from considerable losses. 

Why is Touring Caravan Insurance Necessary?

You’re likely capable of taking considerate care of your vehicle—but you can’t account for unpredictable damage or theft. Car insurance isn’t going to cover your caravan, which means you’ll have to shoulder any costs for repair or replacement. 

Some insurance will cover expenses if a third-party is at fault—but policies vary and don’t always provide guaranteed protection. 

On the other hand, a touring caravan insurance policy can protect you from losses incurred in the event of a theft or accident. Additional coverage will allow you to recover from the loss of essential items that you store in your caravan. It can also secure any losses due to faulty plumbing or internal damage. 

What is Agreed Value Cover?

An agreed or guaranteed value cover pertains to the amount you’ll receive if your caravan is beyond repair. Both the insurer and the owner must agree on a set amount. 

This type of motorhome breakdown cover is different from a standard policy in that it remains steady in value. Under market-value cover, your caravan will depreciate over time. After three years, for instance, your caravan will only be worth a portion of its initial purchase price. 

If you get into an accident, market value cover may not replace the cost of purchasing a new caravan. An agreed value cover, however, will be without any additional expenses.

How to Select Your General Touring Caravan Insurance

The best caravan insurance doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With that in mind, some policies will cost more than others, depending on who you choose to do business with. When shopping for caravan insurance, compare coverage and rates.  

Don’t jump the gun on the most considerable discount—it won’t always cover what you think it does. Always review the details of a contending policy. Sufficient insurance should cover a range of incidents, including accidents on the road or when stationary. 

Seek a policy that provides coverage for accidents regardless of who was at fault. Even if the responsibility rests on you, it’ll be easier to recover and support the other party with adequate coverage. 

Finally, know when your policy begins and ends. When you need to, extend your policy at least three to six months before expiration. Keep your insurance document in your glove box at all times—you never know when you’ll need it. 


With the right caravan insurance, you can get peace of mind wherever on the road you’re travelling. Whether you need roadside recovery, alternative transportation, spare keys, or emergency accommodation, the best insurance will tailor-fit terms to your specific needs. 

At Frank Pickles Insurance, we provide customer-focused solutions and affordable motorhome breakdown insurance. Providing since 1960, we know the ins and outs of owning a caravan and want to make the experience for you as secure and enjoyable as possible.