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 What to Know About Travelling to Europe via Motorhome in 2021

What to Know About Travelling to Europe via Motorhome in 2021

After the year 2020 was turned over on its head by the widespread effects of COVID-19, it seems like now is the perfect time to recover the opportunities lost in the past few months.

With the majority of the year essentially spent in lockdown and all activities being suspended or cancelled, it’s easy to say that life as a British native hasn’t been easy. If you think about things from a general perspective, you might realise that you’ve lost valuable opportunities for dinners, countless weekends, and potentially memorable holidays, among others.

At this point, you might be thinking of different ways to make up for time lost by capitalising on looser restrictions and reopened opportunities. Although there may be many different ways to determine just how you should make up your time, the idea of planning a Eurotrip in a motorhome or static caravan in 2021 is one option that you can’t overlook!

Unfortunately, there’s one problem with having the road trip of a lifetime after an emotionally-draining: You might have some restrictions to deal with.

Why are there restrictions to worry about?

Essentially, those looking to travel the entirety of Europe by motorhome or static caravan after December 31st, 2020, will need to worry about extra requirements because of the latest political moves by the UK government.

After the Brexit deal was struck and the UK’s transition period nears its end, roadgoing travellers from the United Kingdom may have to attain a Green Card to drive around Europe because a trade deal may cease to exist. However, if a new trade deal is struck and everything is put into writing, then you can go about your 2021 EU-wide motorhome trip without much fuss.

The different factors you’ll need to prepare for or take care of

Currently, the British Parliament advises drivers from the country to start preparing or taking note of additional needed pieces of documentation in case no new trade deal is struck between the UK and the EU’s constituents. Here are the most important pieces of documentation and key points that you’ll need to acquire or revise as soon as possible: 

International driving permit (IDP)

Before you drive your motorhome into the rest of Europe if a trade deal fails to materialise, you’ll first need to acquire an international driver’s permit or licence. An international permit will become mandatory after the transition period is cleared because once Brexit’s guidelines set in, other countries will not acknowledge the validity of your UK licence. This will eventually disallow you to drive your motorhome as you should.

(You can find an IDP at your local post office for as low as £5.50!)

EU-Valid insurance policies

Considering that UK-registered vehicles are required to have policies from acknowledged service providers in the same country, it’s essential that your current policy goes beyond British borders. Whether you’re looking to drive to Antwerp or Geneva, you’ll need to have a motorhome insurance policy that covers trips to any point in the EU and abides by set standards in all countries. 

If your current insurance is only valid in the UK, then you can get in touch with Frank Pickles Insurance’s experts to help you get set up with an upgraded policy that will have you covered in all of Europe! It’s also worth noting that having full insurance validity in the European Union will provide you with a Green card. This is a document that you’ll need to carry at all times because it demonstrates that you have the necessary minimum motor insurance in any country!

Motorhome Breakdown Cover

An essential piece of travelling to Europe is to make sure you have the right motorhome breakdown cover in place. The last thing you want to happen is enjoying the scenic views of France, Italy, or German and then being stranded by the side of the road trying to flag down a passer-by.

By having a good breakdown cover policy in place, you can ensure that you and your family are back on the road again and enjoying the views or at least getting to your desired location and not have your holiday cut short. There are many different types of cover available, so we would also suggest speaking to a specialist like ourselves to ensure you get the right cover for your trip. 


Although you may have your heart and eyes set on travelling across Europe with your motorhome in 2021 to make up for time lost, it’s vital to be prepared once Brexit’s effects come in full swing. Through this guide’s help, you can brush up on the necessary information that will help ensure that you have the safest trip possible at all times! 

If you are you considering purchasing motorhome breakdown cover? Let us help you! We offer a range of insurance policies to help you choose the one that best suits your needs. Get in touch with us at 01943 850 123 to get your quote today!