Tips for Motor Home Breakdown Cover

Tips for Motor Home Breakdown Cover

Motorhome breakdown

Have you ever considered including breakdown cover in your caravan insurance policy? Many a time, motor homeowners consider the motorhome breakdown cover as an expensive, and an irrelevant inclusion. But, there are many perks in including the breakdown cover. 

Breakdown cover is not an official or a legal requirement. But, if you are going to drive the vehicle regularly – the motorhome breakdown cover is more than important. When you are stranded far away from home, and if it is nighttime – owning a breakdown cover will save you from lots of frustration and safety issues. Without breakdown insurance, you will be both helpless and left with a big garage bill. It won’t be easy to bag the right kind of recovery service too. 

In very simple terms, the motorhome breakdown cover will help you with peace of mind. It is crucial for anyone interested in spending lots of time in their motor home. 

Here are a few tips on how to pick the right breakdown cover for your motor home.

  • Read about the insurance policy of your car manufacturer. If you own a brand new motor home, the insurance will be included. The manufacturer brands these policies. And, they are serviced by third party companies. If you want the manufacturer to take care of servicing, you can extend the policy.  


  • Be careful with the payment plan. Most of the time, you can choose from the “annual membership” or the “pay and claim” options.  


  • Check if the motorhome breakdown cover includes roadside assistance. Roadside assistance is often provided if you are within 0.25 miles from your actual home address. 


  • Check if the motorhome breakdown cover includes vehicle recovery. Vehicle recovery is required if your motorhome cannot be fixed. In such a situation, it needs to be towed to a place of choice. 


  • The motorhome breakdown cover should offer home breakdown support too. This is essential because a majority of the breakdowns happen at home. This could be anything like a flat battery too.


  • The breakdown cover can also include onward travel, alias journey. This is optional coverage. But, it will be useful when you want to reach somewhere important, and your motorhome has just broken down.