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 What You Should Ask About Your Caravan Insurance Provider

What You Should Ask About Your Caravan Insurance Provider

There are over 500,000 touring caravans in the UK, proving this country’s love for road trips. A caravan is affordable and convenient, especially for long trips. However, not everyone considers protecting their caravan from damage, theft or accidents. 

Caravan insurance helps you achieve some peace of mind as you head out into the road. If you are on the fence about this type of financial tool, here are some things you can ask about your provider. 

Do they cover static or touring caravans?

Insurance providers will have different policies depending on the type of caravan you own. For instance, you could get static caravan insurance if you intend to park your vehicle in one spot for an extended period. If you decide to take it to the road, however, you have to contact your insurer. You must update your policy to include accident coverage, among others.

Static insurance takes care of damage from storms, floods, tree branches, and other calamities. It might also cover theft, vandalism, and other types of damage, but you need to ask your provider about it.

What does the insurance provider cover?

Caravan insurance can account for everything from theft, accidents, damages on the road or at home, and others. Make sure you know if the insurance only covers at-fault accidents or is comprehensive. Also, identify the start and end date for the policy. Keep a reference copy in your glove box, so that you have something to refer to in an accident.

Know as well the difference between personal insurance and caravan insurance. Often, caravan insurance only covers the vehicle and its furnishings. Laptops, GPS equipment, cameras, and other valuables might need a separate personal insurance policy.

Furthermore, pack your things wisely; some policies do not cover caravans that are over a certain weight. Make sure you do not invalidate your policy by having a heavier caravan than it states. Check the policy for changes as well— always review the fine print since these documents can change due to company policies.

Does the insurance policy cover adult children?

Caravanning is enjoyable with your family; part of the charm is from getting to explore a new place with your loved ones. Don’t assume, however, that your insurance provider’s motorhome breakdown cover will take care of all drivers. 

If you travel with adult children or with seniors, double-check the age requirements of your prospective insurance company. Some policies do not cover drivers over 25, which might be a liability if you plan on going on trips with adult children. Meanwhile, companies can easily add younger drivers to a policy, but this often results in higher premiums.

How much excess will you have to pay?

Your excess is the amount you have to pay out of pocket for an insurance claim. For example, if you have insurance with a £500 deductible, the provider will only shoulder expenses above that amount. If your bill comes up to £450, you will have to pay for the expenses.

You could have an option to pay for voluntary excess, which means you could get lower premiums in exchange for a higher claim. Cheap insurance policies have a higher excess, which is alright if you are comfortable making payments.


Anyone wants peace of mind when they’re staying in one place for a while. When you use a caravan or a motorhome, you should get insurance for it; do not assume that nothing will happen to you just because you’re familiar with a park, camping ground, or route. Speak to an insurance broker or professional about which type of caravan insurance is best for you.

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