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 Static Caravan Maintenance 101: What You Need to Know

Static Caravan Maintenance 101: What You Need to Know

With a premise of outdoor adventures and the freedom to travel anywhere, driving a static caravan bears opportunities like no other vehicle. 

Although some people would love to travel and see the world with more traditional means like on aeroplanes and boats, there’s just something about taking the caravan route that bears an appeal that’s too good to ignore. Whether you just want to travel for the sake of soul-searching, determined to live remotely like a modern nomad, or keen on going through new experiences, there’s no doubt that the static route is the method to go.

After going through a list of different options and getting a feel for the road travel life, you’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no other life for you than the roadworthy one. Once the deposit is in, and all the necessary details are taken care of, it seems as the only other thing left is to hop on the road and go out on your wild excursion of living anywhere! 

However, with all this excitement over driving a caravan and realising your dreams of being a nomad, there’s one aspect that you might not be acknowledged as much as you should: Maintenance.

Why maintenance matters (and key points to start working on)

Similar to cars and houses, caravans require much maintenance to ensure that they’re capable of doing what they do best. However, the problem with maintenance is that people fail to see past beyond the image of static caravans to the point where they can’t see the point of going the extra mile.

If you’ve long been ignoring the importance of proper maintenance, then it’s safe to say that you won’t need to worry since it isn’t too late to start working on these key points:

1. Gas and electricity

Your static caravan’s gas and electric-related matters are the most vital components of your maintenance-related tasks because of how essential they are for the livability of your vehicle.

Compared to other factors, your caravan’s gas and electricity take on more vital roles like keeping everything well-lit, ensuring that everything is nice and warm, and allowing you to cook. Fortunately, maintaining these two components isn’t too difficult because all you’ll really need to do is have everything checked by an expert and they will take care of the rest! 

2. Exterior concerns

Apart from the central systems of your static caravan, another aspect where you can’t slack in terms of maintenance is the exterior of your travel companion. 

Exterior maintenance is seen as the easiest yet most fulfilling part of owning a caravan because tasks are straightforward, and the improvements are significant. From simple matters like treating the windows with top-grade cleaning solutions to making sure that all wheels are in perfect condition with the right pressure in each of them, the number of tasks may be plentiful, but they’re easy to handle. 

3. Insurance

Whether or not you believe it, static caravan insurance is another key point of proper vehicle maintenance that needs to be addressed because it requires constant care and attention to ensure that it serves well. 

Although it may not be common, maintaining your insurance is a fairly straightforward effort that entails checking your policy and determining whether or not it’s still apt for your travelling needs. Thankfully, all you’ll really need to do is give Frank Pickles Insurance a call, and one of our trusted agents will go over your current policy with you and point out what else should be taken care of! 


When it comes to owning and living with a static caravan, one of the most vital matters that you’ll need to take care of so that you have a convenient experience is proper maintenance. With the help of this cohesive guide, you won’t need to worry about overlooking key points for consideration when whipping your beloved road companion into perfect shape! 

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