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 4 Smart Tips for Protecting Your Static Holiday Caravan

4 Smart Tips for Protecting Your Static Holiday Caravan

It’s convenient to have a static caravan to retreat to for the holidays, especially if you want to take your kids somewhere else for the festivities. Travelling abroad is already quite a hassle under normal circumstances; it can even be more challenging amidst this pandemic.

With the comfort and convenience that your static holiday caravan gives you, it only makes sense for you to protect it. Taking extra care of it will help prolong its lifespan and ensure that you get to enjoy it for more holidays to come. 

On that note, you must look after your holiday caravan not only when you are using it but when you are away as well. Most holiday parks in the UK have onsite security, but it’s still a smart idea to take additional steps on your own to safeguard your investment. 

To help you out and achieve extra protection, make sure to follow this list of four smart tips in safeguarding your static caravan.   

1. See to It That Your Windows and Doors Are Locked

This may seem like common sense, but a lot of families still forget this fundamental practice. Especially if in a rush to put the kids in the car and return home, it can be easy to miss an unlocked window or door. Nevertheless, taking one last look to confirm that all entry points are locked can go a long way in securing your holiday home. 

If you want to take security further, you can also consider upgrading your windows to double-glazed ones. These cannot be easily smashed nor removed. 

2. Install Security Chains to Your Door

Whilst having sturdy locks on your doors already provides good security, you can add an extra layer of protection by fitting a security chain to it. Furthermore, make sure that it is enabled when you are staying in for the night. 

An intruder may be able to pick your lock, but the security chain will make it harder for him to break in, effectively keeping him out. 

3. Install an Alarm for Intruders 

This is an effective way to protect your static holiday caravan, whether you are away or staying in it. 

An alarm that detects intrusions is a great deterrent for trespassers and housebreakers. The sound it produces is loud enough to be heard throughout the whole holiday park, consequently alerting staff and neighbours. Some alarms may also be connected to an app on your smartphone to notify you in real-time. 

In most cases, these alarms will drive intruders away as they aren’t willing to be seen.  

4. Purchase a Static Caravan Insurance 

Despite all your best efforts to safeguard your static holiday caravan, some accidents may still occur. What can be even more frustrating is that these unfortunate incidents are often out of your control. 

The best way to protect your investment in these instances is to purchase the right insurance cover for it. Such cover gives you peace of mind if an unforeseen accident happens. Ultimately, it helps you rebuild yourself easily and recover from the incident.  


A static caravan is a significant investment that gives you a place to retreat to and disconnect from the world. Considering the convenience and comfort that it brings to you and your family, it only makes sense for you to protect it in every way possible. Taking notes from the items listed above will help you safeguard your caravan, whether you’re away or staying in it. 

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