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 Post-Lockdown Holidays: Factors to Consider When Caravanning

Post-Lockdown Holidays: Factors to Consider When Caravanning

Holiday parks often see plenty of caravans and motorhomes driving in for a wintry-themed, camping getaway, turning verdant landscapes into a festive community over the merry season. The year 2020 was not a good time for motorhome owners and caravanning due to the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown restrictions, but thankfully, the pandemic is finally easing as the new year rolls in. 

Now that people have more leeway in a time of social distancing, holiday parks and campsites throughout the UK are finally opening their gates to welcome new campers. However, there are some factors and coronavirus-associated regulations you need to consider: 

Factor #1: Regional Rule Variations

When looking for the ideal campsite to park your caravan over the holidays, keep in mind that not all parks follow the same rules. Each region will have variations in its regulations, particularly outlines on the public health safety requirements for every location. Fortunately, you can easily stay up-to-date on all the rules by searching for the regulations that suit the specific part of the UK you’re planning to visit. 

Factor #2: Brush Up on Local Restrictions 

It’s true that many sectors in the UK economy are opening their doors and switching the lights back on in an effort to get back to normal as much as possible, but keep in mind there are still local restrictions set in place. 

Many parks follow a test, track, and trace policy to ensure public safety amidst all the festivities, which means most are prompted to get a COVID test and send reports regarding any positive symptoms. This is an important policy for the NHS since it helps health authorities spot a potential breakout and curb the spread before it’s too late. 

Factor #3: Social Distancing in Parks

Social distancing is still in practice for countries worldwide, so while happy campers are free to mingle, keep in mind that tourer pitches will likely have longer distances between each other. Camping sites are often packed with high-octane activities and energy during the holidays, but since there are still restrictions to take into account, there will likely be less hustle and bustle going around.

The Bottom Line: Understanding the Basics of Caravanning in a Post-Coronavirus World 

Many caravan parks are popping up again as 2020 draws to an end, creating opportunities for thrill-seekers and campers for an outdoor adventure after spending months home-bound. While more parks and camping sites are open for the holidays, it helps to do your research and check for any local restrictions so you can get into the seasonal spirit without any worries. 

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