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 No Caravan Insurance – Here’s Why You Need It!

No Caravan Insurance – Here’s Why You Need It!

Exploring rural England or neighbouring European cities is a breeze for caravan owners. Whether on the road day and night or basking in the same scenic spot, being worry-free is key to an uninterrupted caravan experience. While not a legal requirement, insuring your caravan can protect against the elements, should you need to.

1. Reduce the Risks of Towing

For first-time caravan owners, nothing is more nerve-wracking than hooking it up to your vehicle and hitting the road. As you already know, highways are home to a host of hazards such as reckless drivers, 50,000-pound trailer-trucks, and the occasional darting animal. Without a campervan breakdown cover, there is nothing to cushion the blow of a potential accident.

With the appropriate coverage, you can receive towing services to a nearby garage and even alternative transportation. Outside of England, you can enjoy coverage from anywhere between 90 to 120 days.

2. Protection Across Countries

Most caravan owners will jump at the chance to explore the picturesque European countryside in their brand-new trailer home. Plenty of time to explore an unfamiliar continent also means plenty of time to obtain scratch and dent cover. Travelling foreign roads can make for a precarious position for you, your vehicle, and your prized possessions—so don’t skimp out!

3. Public Liability Claims

When on a blissful caravan holiday, the potential for a public liability claim will likely be the last thing on your mind. Yet, as with all on-the-road mishaps, it’s certainly a possibility. Public liability coverage will range £1, £2, and £5 million.

Should you set your awning up too high, violent winds can blow it into a neighbouring vehicle. Should you forget to switch your cooking utilities off whilst stargazing, you could begin a fire. There are dozens of caravan nightmares you can avoid—or at least cushion—with the appropriate insurance policy.

4. Alternative Accommodation

Every caravan owner’s nightmare is having to cut their holiday short in the event of a breakdown or other accident. Whether a week or two into your tour, finding that your vehicle is suddenly uninhabitable is a challenging situation to navigate without insurance.

However, Motorhome Breakdown Insurance can save you the headache of seeking alternative travel options with a roadside repair or an emergency overnight stay elsewhere. You can rest assured that your itinerary is still mostly on track.

5. Escape Added Stressors

Most wander-lusting individuals purchase a caravan for one purpose—to forget the daily grumbles of a 9-to-5 job and household chores, at least for a short while. Whether hooked up with Static Caravan Insurance or other, more mobile options, you can relax without having to obsess over potential mishaps.


If your caravan holiday is something you’ve been looking forward to all year, applying for European campervan breakdown cover means having less to worry about. It may even trump packing the right swimsuit, and your favourite campfire treats on your list of priorities!

At Frank Pickles Insurance, you can enjoy cheap static caravan insurance in the U.K. or wherever across Europe you’re travelling. Whether on your first or fifth caravan roadshow, it pays—literally—to be protected!