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 How Much Is A Static Caravan Insurance?

How Much Is A Static Caravan Insurance?

When You Are Looking At A Static Caravan Insurance, What Is It Likely To Cost You?

It’s a well-known fact that static caravans are some of Britain’s most popular second homes. 

These types of properties are perfect for enjoying time away from home, often located on large plots of land near popular tourist attractions or rivers. 

Static caravans have traditionally been considered a safer type of property due to the low risk of natural disasters, flooding, and theft. However, as with any property, owning a static caravan comes with its fair share of risks – especially if you use your caravan as a primary residence or rent it out to people you may not know privately or through a holiday park arrangement.
Suppose something goes wrong and your static caravan is damaged or destroyed in an unfortunate incident (such as an electrical fire). How much will Static caravan insurance cost to ensure you don’t experience any vast out-of-pocket expenses?

how much does static caravan insurance cost

How Much Does Static Caravan Insurance Cost?

The cost of static caravan insurance varies depending on a few factors, such as the age and the size of the caravan. 

However, while the costs will vary, typically, you can expect to pay around £300 a year for static caravan insurance, with a variable excess of somewhere in the region of £150. 

In some unique cases, you may need to purchase an additional policy if your home is in a flood-risk area, increasing your premiums by around £120 per year.
Even though a static caravan registered in England doesn’t have to have any kind of insurance in the eyes of the law, most mobile home parks require some form of protection, and it is common sense to ensure that you are protected from a potential massive outlay in the event of an issue.

What is Included in a UK Static Caravan Insurance Policy?

As with any other insurance policy you may know of, the cover will be variable depending on the elements you can choose to have covered in the policy. This, inevitably, affects the premium quote you will receive at the other end.

Some static caravan insurance UK will offer a higher level of cover for an additional premium, others will provide lower levels of cover for a lower premium, and some will provide a standard level of cover at a standard price. 

Comparing quotes is a must-do task!

The same principles that are true of car and home insurance apply here. Shop around, read the small print, check customer reviews and go with a company you trust. You won’t get any points for buying the cheapest policy, but you will get that peace of mind knowing that your static asset is protected.

The majority of static caravan insurance contracts offer cover for the following risks:

  • Buildings and contents: This would include the cost of replacing your static caravan due to loss or damage or if it is destroyed by fire, flood, storm, or other disasters. 
  • Loss of rent: This is another helpful provision that will compensate you for any income lost as a result of your static caravan being unoccupied due to damage from a covered risk. 
  • Anchorage: The insurer may not cover the policyholder if the caravan is not securely fastened and protected from the elements.
  • Theft: If someone were to break into your static caravan and steal your belongings while you were not there, this coverage would reimburse you for the cost of replacing those items. 
  • Personal liability: If one of your guests were to get injured on property you own, such as a static caravan, this coverage would protect you against any personal financial responsibility and expenses incurred by the guest in question.
are there any exclusions to static caravan insurance cover

Are There Any Exclusions To Static Caravan Insurance Cover?

Some policies also have a specified period of time during which the unit must be unoccupied for it to be covered for loss or damage. Be sure to double-check your policy’s dates to ensure that you are covered when you may have the static caravan unoccupied. 

Keep in mind that most insurance policies have a waiting period before you can start collecting benefits in case of a claim from a static caravan cover. Depending on the insurance company, this can be anywhere from a few days to a few months.

Types of Coverage for Static Caravans

Depending on the insurance provider you choose, your policy will either cover specific factors such as water damage and electrical faults or cover all of your caravan’s contents. 

There are many different types of coverage for static caravans. You can choose to insure only the contents of your caravan, or you can insure your caravan in case of theft, fire, storm damage, and more. 

The higher the level of coverage you want, the higher the cost of your policy will be. 

It’s crucial to consider overall how much you’re willing to spend before deciding which type of coverage is best for you and your static caravan.

Bottom Line

Static caravans are relatively safe types of property to own. However, they’re not immune to incidents that may cause damage or destruction – especially if you live in the caravan full time. 

It’s important to protect your investment if you choose to own a static caravan; it’s essential to understand how much a static caravan insurance costs and protect your investment. 

Suppose something goes wrong and the static caravan is damaged or destroyed by an incident (such as an electrical fire). In that case, your insurance cover level will ensure that you are not faced with a hefty repair or replacement bill. 

The answer to the question of How much is a static caravan insurance depends on a number of variable factors, such as your location, the type of cover you purchase, and what exactly is specified for cover in the event of an incident. 

To arrive at an accurate estimate for your specific situation, make sure you choose the best insurance policy for you, making sure the static caravan cover encompasses everything you need.