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 Get Your Tourer Caravan Ready for Summer with These Tips

Get Your Tourer Caravan Ready for Summer with These Tips

Summer is the perfect time to take your tourer caravan out for a spin. But before you hit the open road, there are a few things you need to do to make sure your caravan is in tip-top shape. From checking the tires to cleaning them, here are our top tips for preparing your tourer caravan for summer.

Check the Tires & Breaks

It is absolutely essential to check the tires and brakes of your tourer caravan before you take it out for the summer season. In order to ensure that your vehicle is in perfect working condition, you should inspect the tires for wear and tear, which may lead to dangerous blowouts or flat tyres. You should also check the brakes for any dirt, dust or debris build-up that could affect their effectiveness. Furthermore, you should check if all tyres have sufficient tread depth to improve grip and prevent skidding. Additionally, checking that brake pads are not worn out can help prevent unwanted braking behaviour or decreased stopping power. It’s also important to check that there are no signs of damage to any of the caravan components, such as cracks in bodywork or UV damage, because these can be indicative of potential safety issues when travelling. Moreover, checking all the electrical components, such as power cables, switches, lights and wiring harnesses, will help identify any faulty connections that could otherwise lead to circuit failure during transit. Therefore, it is vital for tourer caravan owners to thoroughly inspect their vehicles before hitting the road this summer; by doing so they can rest assured knowing their beloved caravan will remain safe and secure on its journey.

Give it a Good Clean

Giving your tourer caravan a good clean before the summer is incredibly important. A thorough cleaning will help to ensure that your caravan is safe and healthy for you and your family to enjoy over the warmer months. Not only does this help ensure that any mould or mildew has been removed, but it also helps prevent the growth of new bacteria now that the caravans will be exposed to higher humidity levels from the summer heat. Additionally, by removing any potential pests like spiders or cockroaches, you can enjoy a more comfortable experience inside the caravan during your vacation.

Check Insurance & Tax

It is vitally important to check that your touring caravan insurance and tax have not expired before you take it out for the summer season. Not just so that you are legally compliant but also because failing to do so can put yourself, your passengers and other road users at risk. Driving an uninsured caravan could lead to huge fines or even a criminal conviction if you are involved in an accident. Similarly, if you forget to renew the tax on your tourer caravan, it is considered illegal to use it on public roads – this could result in having your car clamped or seized by the police! Taking the time to inspect the documentation for these two items (insurance and tax) will give you peace of mind that you are travelling safely and legitimately over the course of the summer months. Furthermore, it is also highly recommended that a service is carried out on your tourer caravan prior to taking it out for extended trips – this ensures the brakes are working properly, any faulty electrics are sorted out, and all moving parts are lubricated. The last thing anyone wants is their holiday plans to be ruined due to mechanical breakdowns or legal issues! So make sure that before setting off on your summer travels, insurance and tax have been renewed and service has been completed on your beloved tourer caravan.


Get ready for an epic summer road trip with your tourer caravan! Follow our tips to make sure everything goes smoothly so you can truly relax and explore all the amazing places. So, what are you waiting for – let’s get caravanning!