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 Campervan Insurance Policies—A Quick Guide

Campervan Insurance Policies—A Quick Guide

Owning a campervan may just be another vehicle for others, but for many, it’s a lifestyle. It mirrors the need for fun and adventure, as most people choose to live in campervans for the freedom it offers. You can easily visit the coast for the weekend, lying on the beach and surface to spend the weekend. There’s also the option of backpacking through Europe to experience new cultures, with drives giving you access to the most fantastic sceneries on the way. The great outdoors becomes your front porch, and it’s always new and breathtaking. 

While the glory of freedom is undeniable, the idea also poses a multitude of challenges. Safety and security is one thing, along with campervan maintenance. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure that you’re completely covered by the right insurance policy. 

A campervan insurance coverage is the answer to your worries, as it’ll protect your vehicle and getaway, no matter the destination. A little knowledge goes a long way, so here’s a quick guide to peruse before investing: 

Why should I get a campervan insurance coverage?

As with any other vehicle, your campervan deserves an insurance policy that will ensure protection and security. The last thing you want to worry about is damages, loss, accident, and theft costs. You’re also always exposed to expensive repair costs, which can happen during your excursions. Here’s a quick rundown of reasons you should invest in a campervan insurance policy:

  • Your vehicle is vulnerable to theft, which includes expensive gear and equipment
  • Accidents are just around the corner, especially when you’re travelling in unfamiliar roads
  • Campervan loans will require you to have insurance for damages
  • Passengers will be covered in the event of injuries 
  • Campsites and storage areas will likely require camper insurance, which will need to be presented before being allowed to stay 

What types of campervan insurance coverages are available for investment?

Seeing a campervan is considered as a vehicle, there are specific coverage similarities to motor vehicle policies. To ensure that you get the best possible deal, however, here are some of the most common campervan insurance coverages:

  • Third-party, fire, and theft insurance: This insurance policy will protect you against losses brought about by accidents, which includes a stolen campervan or one ravaged by fire. 
  • Laid-up cover insurance: This policy will keep your vehicle protected against accidental damages, which also includes fire and theft. It’s paramount that you declare your vehicle under the SORN, or the Statutory Off Road Notice.
  • Comprehensive insurance: This policy protects you from third-party damage, theft, and fire, also encompassing situations like a lost or damaged vehicle during accidents. 

Keep Your Vacations Protected With a Campervan Insurance Policy 

While an insurance policy isn’t considered as a legal obligation, investing in one will keep you safe and sound during your travels. The benefits of campervan insurance are undeniable, and having one under your name helps put your worries at ease. Any damage, loss, and theft will be covered by the policy, ensuring that your wallet stays intact during the process. Vacations will never be more enjoyable to pursue—you’ll have a financial cushion to turn to should things go awry. 

If you’re on the hunt for the best campervan breakdown cover, Frank Pickles Insurance has you covered. We’ll help keep your investment safe and sound, so that you’ll have room to enjoy the freedom and lifestyle you deserve. We always have your best interests in mind—get a quote from us today!