3 Things to Do Before Hitting the Road With Your Motorhome

3 Things to Do Before Hitting the Road With Your Motorhome

After getting the keys of your first motorhome handed to you, it’s tempting to hit the road and start an adventure right away. However, remember that even the most basic vehicle needs to be prepared adequately for road trips—and a recreational vehicle is no basic car!

As its name implies, your motorhome is basically a house on wheels. Besides ensuring that your engine, tires, brakes, and other vehicular components are in working order, you will also have to take care of the “home” components. 

Before slamming on the gas and heading off to the sunset, ensure that you follow this three-point checklist. 

1. Get insured

In the UK, having third-party motor insurance is the bare minimum. This insurance covers the costs of recovering from injuries arising from that accident. You can also use it to pay for any damage you caused on another person, vehicle, animal, or property. 

However, since what you’re driving is practically a home on top of a vehicle, you will want to get separate insurance specifically made for motorhomes and caravans. If you own a static caravan, getting cheap static caravan insurance will fork a significant part of the expenses related to accidental damage, theft, fire, storm, and flood. 

A motorhome breakdown cover insurance will give you access to roadside recovery and alternative transport as a recreational vehicle. If the repairs take longer than usual, some providers will even afford you an emergency overnight accommodation!

Finally, a motorhome gap insurance will protect you should your vehicle turn out to be a total loss or write-off. This insurance policy will help you recover the financial loss of losing your motorhome to catastrophic damage. 

2. Get a comprehensive inspection

A typical sedan using an internal combustion engine can have as much as 30,000 components. With added amenities such as a heating system, plumbing, and various creature comforts, your motorhome has even more!

Before riding off to your next destination, ensure that you have your recreational vehicle inspected by a competent technician who has considerable experience with motorhomes. This way, you can ensure that your recreational vehicle will get you to your next destination in absolute comfort and style. 

3. Test its features in a nearby location before going for longer trips 

Before going to farther locations, it’s essential to know your vehicle’s ins and outs first. An excellent way to do this is to stay in your motorhome for at least one night in a nearby field. While doing so, use every feature, from your heating, water, gas, and electrical systems.

Ensure that you familiarise yourself with latching and unlatching your doors, windows, and cabinets as well! If it rains, then all the better, as this will let you test your motorhome’s insulation and waterproofing as well. 

By knowing and experiencing your vehicle’s nuances, you can better prepare for any eventuality on the road!


Owning a new motorhome gives you the freedom to travel in relative comfort. However, since it is also a significant financial decision, you should take extra steps in ensuring that you are not getting the shorter end of the stick. As such, for added protection, it’s best to get insured to secure your investment in your motorhome.

If you’re planning on getting yourself a motorhome, then you’ll need to get insurance for it from a reputable provider. Frank Pickles Insurance is a trusted provider of motorhome breakdown insurance in the UK. We also provide affordable static caravan insurance and motorhome gap insurance. Contact us today to get a free quote!